It All Begins With Space

The SPACE Coalition advocates for affordable, accessible and equitable access to public space that is welcoming to all residents. We believe that access to public space, including schools and municipal facilities, is the cornerstone of healthy, vibrant neighbourhoods.

With key support from Social Planning Toronto, the SPACE Coalition is diverse group of city and provincial organizations, community groups and individuals that aims to maximize community use of public space.

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    Opening up schools for community: Insights from Dr. Charles Pascal

    May 11, 2021
    The COVID-19 pandemic has significantly disrupted the state of the world. Everyday activities that we thought we could rely on - such as our children going to school five days a week - have been brought into question. While the current pandemic has had devastating impacts, may there also be opportunities to create change for the better? The SPACE Coalition sat down with Dr. Charles Pascal to discuss how we may seize this moment in history to restore schools as inclusive, welcoming public assets for use by the entire community.
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