TDSB considering gradual re-entry of permit use

Members of the SPACE Coalition regularly attend the TDSB Community Use of Schools Community Advisory Committee. It is through this platform that we receive updates on community access to school facilities, which we are dedicated to sharing with the broader community.

After very limited access since the start of the pandemic, the TDSB is considering a phased in re-entry plan for permit use.

Image of three phases for gradual re-entry of permit use

The gradual approach includes three main phases, with the impact on community use being evaluated after every stage.

  • 1st stage: On weekends - one group using the space per day (by space we believe staff actually mean one group per school per day, similar to summer 2020 usage)
  • 2nd stage: Weekdays - gradually add weekdays, starting with one group per school per day¬†
  • 3rd stage: All weekdays would be opened, starting with one group per day

Some potential changes to permit use include:

  1. Safety plans need to be in place that describe the measures and procedures the permit group will be taking to minimize COVID-19 transmission (these should include screening, physical distancing, contact tracing process, masks or face coverings, cleaning and wearing of personal protective equipment).
  2. Contact tracing and screening requirements
  3. Supplementary documents may be required
  4. Number of participants may be limited (e.g. regional health unit or umbrella organization limits)
  5. Limit to the number of groups at a time
  6. Equipment limits or restrictions
  7. Permit times may be reduced, or start later, to allow cleaning between groups

Read the full TDSB draft Resumption of Permits Plan